Wajih Ul Hassan

PhD Student
Google Scholar

Wajih is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently advised by Professor Adam Bates. His research interests are in secure data provenance, systems security, and distributed systems. Wajih is the recipient of the Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Computer Science Fellowship for 2015-2020. In the past, Wajih has worked with Darko Marinov broadly in the area of software engineering. He obtained his BS in Computer Science from LUMS, Pakistan in 2015. During summer 2014, he was a research intern in LABOS group at EPFL, Switzerland advised by Willy Zwaenepoel and Florin Dinu.

Papers published with the STS Lab

This is Why We Can't Cache Nice Things: Lightning-Fast Threat Hunting using Suspicion-Based Hierarchical Storage

On the Forensic Validity of Approximated Audit Logs

Tactical Provenance Analysis for Endpoint Detection and Response Systems

You Are What You Do: Hunting Stealthy Malware via Data Provenance Analysis

OmegaLog: High-Fidelity Attack Investigation via Transparent Multi-layer Log Analysis

CUSTOS: Practical Tamper-Evident Auditing of Operating Systems Using Trusted Execution

Can Data Provenance Put an End to the Data Breach?

NoDoze: Combatting Threat Alert Fatigue with Automated Provenance Triage

Analysis of Privacy Protections in Fitness Tracking Social Networks -or- You can run, but can you hide?

Towards Scalable Cluster Auditing through Grammatical Inference over Provenance Graphs

Fear and Logging in the Internet of Things

Transparent Web Service Auditing via Network Provenance Functions