The Secure & Transparent Systems Laboratory

The STS Lab confronts issues of security and transparency in computer systems and networks. Within this broad area, we investigate challenges in various domains of computing including operating systems, the cloud, and the Internet of Things. Our recent work has evaluated the security of IoT services, introduced mechanisms that defend against USB-based attacks, and designed security-enhanced provenance-aware systems that are capable of reliably tracking and explaining system intrusions.

Following major revisions, we have yet-another paper accepted at NDSS’20 – “CUSTOS: Practical Tamper-Evident Auditing of Operating Systems Using Trusted Execution.” Congrats to our student authors Riccardo Paccagnella, Pubali Datta, and Wajih Ul Hassan!

Posted 02 Feb 2020 by Adam

Our paper, “Valve: Securing Function Workfows on Serverless Computing Platforms,” has been accepted to the 2020 Web Conference. Congratulations to our lead author, Pubali Datta!”

Posted 11 Jan 2020 by Adam

Three of our papers have been accepted for publication at the 2020 ISOC Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS’20):

  1. OmegaLog: High-Fidelity Attack Investigation via Transparent Multi-layer Log Analysis
  2. Automated Discovery of Cross-Plane Event-Based Vulnerabilities in Software-Defined Networking
  3. UNICORN: Runtime Provenance-Based Detector for Advanced Persistent Threats

it’s going to be an exciting time in San Diego this February! Special congratulations to our lead student authors, respectively: Wajih Ul Hassan, Benjamin Ujcich, and Michael Han (Harvard).

Posted 08 Dec 2019 by Adam

Professor Bates appears in a Daily Illini article today about the dangers of widespread facial recognition. Many of the issues with social bias in face recognition, and their potential for abuse by attackers, are analogous to hose we recently explored in smart speaker technologies

Posted 06 Sep 2019 by Adam