The Secure & Transparent Systems Laboratory

The STS Lab confronts issues of security and transparency in computer systems and networks. Within this broad area, we investigate challenges in various domains of computing including operating systems, the cloud, and the Internet of Things. Our recent work has evaluated the security of IoT services, introduced mechanisms that defend against USB-based attacks, and designed security-enhanced provenance-aware systems that are capable of reliably tracking and explaining system intrusions.

Our paper, “Causal Analysis for Software-Defined Networking Attacks,” has been accepted to the 30th USENIX Security Symposium (Security’21)! This is the third and final piece of Ben Ujcich’s dissertation, all of which appeared in the Top 4 security conferences. Congratulations to Professor Ujcich, who is now in his first year as an Assistant Professor at Georgetown!

Posted 07 Dec 2020 by Adam

Pubali Datta has been selected to participate in the 2020 Rising Stars Program! Participants are selected based on academic excellence, interest in a faculty career in the EECS discipline, and commitment to advancing equity and inclusion. This year’s event is being hosted virtually by the Berkeley EECS Department. Congrats Pubali!

Posted 08 Oct 2020 by Adam

Three of our papers have been accepted for publication at the 2020 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC’20):

  1. This is Why We Can't Cache Nice Things: Lightning-Fast Threat Hunting using Suspicion-Based Hierarchical Storage
  2. On the Forensic Validity of Approximated Audit Logs
  3. Workflow Integration Alleviates Identity and Access Management in Serverless Computing

Congratulations to our lead student authors: (1) Wajih Ul Hassan, Klaus Zou, Dawei Wang, (2) Noor Michael, Jaron Mink, Jason Liu, Sneha Gaur, (3) Arnav Sankaran, and Pubali Datta!”

Posted 17 Aug 2020 by Adam

Our paper, “Logging to the Danger Zone: Race Condition Attacks and Defenses on System Audit Frameworks,” has been accepted to the 27th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’20)! Congrats to our lead author Riccardo Paccagnella!

Posted 28 Jul 2020 by Adam