The Secure & Transparent Systems Laboratory

The STS Lab confronts issues of security and transparency in computer systems and networks. Within this broad area, we are especially interested in the challenges of detecting, investigating, and preventing intrusions in various computing environments such as operating systems, organizations, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. Increasingly, our work investigates and addresses the concerns of the users that interact with these systems.

Our ESORICS’22 work on “Equivocal URLs” was just recognized with the Best Paper Award! Congrats to lead author Joshua Reynolds!

Posted 28 Sep 2022 by Adam

Professor Bates joined Illinois Public Media’s “The 21st” public radio talk show to discuss the group’s recent work on privacy in fitness and health tracking apps! You can listen here:

Posted 23 Aug 2022 by Adam

Continuing our lab’s 2022 European Tour, we just had two papers accepted at the 27th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS’22):

  1. Towards Efficient Auditing for Real-Time Systems
  2. Equivocal URLs: Understanding the Fragmented Space of URL Parser Implementations

Special congratulations to our student authors, Ayoosh Bansal and Anant Kandikuppa (RTS) and Joshua Reynolds (URL).

Posted 23 Jul 2022 by Adam

Wow! Our systematization of knowledge paper on data provenance, “History is a Vast Early Warning System: Auditing the Provenance of System Intrusions,” has been accepted to the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland’23)! This one has been in the works for about as long as our lab has been inexistence, with many students taking turns carrying the ball. Congrats to lab members Muhammad Adil Inam, Yinfang Chen, Akul Goyal, Jason Liu, Jaron Mink, Noor Michael, Sneha Gaur, and Wajih Ul Hassan!

Posted 24 Jun 2022 by Adam