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Prospective Graduate Students

We are building a world-class security group at the University of Illinois, with the goal of providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for conducting research. If you are a motivated student that is passionate about computer security, we would be very interested in speaking with you! Our research involves a diverse set of methodologies and skills, so we are looking for students that are comfortable trying new things and learning on the fly. We also look for students with strong technical backgrounds, writing ability, and communication skills.

If you are not a student at the University of Illinois and you are interested in my research, please apply to the program. Feel free to drop Professor Bates an email if you are planning on applying, or if you have any questions. However, out of fairness to all applicants, we prefer to wait until after the admissions deadline before scheduling any meetings with prospective students. If, after reviewing your materials, it seems like you would be a good fit for the STS lab, we will reach out to you and request that we arrange a time to speak at greater length about your interests. Thanks, and good luck with your graduate school search!

Undergraduate Students at Illinois

The opportunity to participate in research is one of the best reasons to attend an outstanding land grant institution like the University of Illinois. The STS Lab regularly engages undergraduate students in our research. We make every effort to create a positive and enriching experience for the undergraduate students that volunteer their time to work in our group. The benefits of working in the STS Lab can include authorship credit on published work, recommendation letters from Professor Bates, and the experience of contributing to the development of new theories, systems, and knowledge.

If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research, please send an email to Professor Bates describing your interests with an attached resume. To better manage undergraduate research inquiries and ensure fair consideration for everyone, we consider new undergraduate research assistants on a semester-by-semester basis. This also puts you in the best position to succeed at your assigned research tasks. The best time contact us is prior to the start of a new semester; otherwise, you might have to wait until the next semester for us to open up new positions.


You can reach us by email using the addresses on our Team profiles. Additional contact information for Professor Bates is available below.

Mailing Address

4306 Siebel Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
201 N. Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, Illinois 61801



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