The Year in Brags -- 2018
01 Jan 2019 by batesa

Secure and Transparent Systems Lab

Full-Time Lab Members

  • Adam Bates (PI)
  • Wajih Ul Hassan (3rd Year PhD Student)
  • Pubali Datta (2nd Year PhD Student)
  • Riccardo Paccagnella (2nd Year MS Student, Prospective PhD Student)

Lab-Wide Highlights

  • 2018 “Grand Slam,” appearing at each of the Big 4 Security Conferences (Oakland, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS).
  • Seven total appearances at the Big 4 Security Conferences on topics spanning system intrusions (data provenance), home automation security, voice service security, fitness tracker privacy, and software-defined networking security.
  • Media Coverage of our work on IoT voice service security in Ars Technica
  • Media Coverage of our work on fitness tracker privacy here, here, here, here, here, and here,

Personal Highlights

  • Adam
    1. Received the prestigious NSF Early Career Award
    2. Hosted the 2018 Midwest Security Workshop on campus at Illinois
    3. Invited to serve on Program Committees for Oakland’19, USENIX Sec’18, NDSS’19, and more.
  • Wajih
    1. Accepted to the RSA Security Scholars Program
    2. Received the Sohaib And Sara Abbasi fellowship (fully supported)
    3. Three publications at Big 4 security conferences (2 NDSS, 1 USENIX)
    4. Competitive internship at NEC Laboratories America
  • Pubali
    1. Awarded competitive travel grants from IEEE Security & Privacy and ACM-W
    2. Completed two projects that are in submission to major conferences, preparing a third
    3. Competitive internship at Samsung Research of America
  • Riccardo
    1. Received the prestigious 2019 Siebel Scholars Program International Fellowship
    2. First publication at Big 4 Security Conference (1 USENIX)
    3. Completed an additional project that is in submission to a major conference, preparing another